Sunshine Rice Good For You

Reports sent to the Ministry of Trade and Industry and other key stakeholders regarding the Sunshine Commodities Trading Company rice have now been laid to rest as speculation of whether or not the rice was good for human consumption has been clarified.
According to publications in some local tabloids in recent times alleged that the rice was not good for human consumption. This, reportedly, sent shock waves down the spines of the importers.
A certain organization reportedly came from the blues and illegally padlocked one of the stores at Cline Town where over 35,000 tons of the said rice was stored.
However, the test result of the commodity has vindicated the importers as it goes completely contrary to what has been earlier reported to the Ministry of Trade.
It could be recalled that sample of the product had earlier been collected by Group Eysaulier (GE), an Insurance Company called James Laverse in the presence of the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau and Ministry of Trade and Industry and sent to the RIZLAB laboratory for further test in order to ascertain whether or not the allegation was true. The test by RIZLAB which is considered to be a credible international institution proved that the said rice meets international standards contrary to press reports.
The press reports were limited to tests expected to have been done by the country’s Pharmacy Board or other relevant institutions within the Country which were never done.
However, it was only when further test were made by a credible institution that the product was okayed for consumption and the importers exonerated after suffering from bad press for some two weeks.
It has been clearly proven that the negative reports on the issue by local tabloids were a calculative ploy to bring the image of the company in disrepute. It is now explicitly clear that what was considered as bad news has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt as good news following the professional test of the said commodity by a credible international institution specialized in that area which has categorically stated that the product is not only consumable in Africa but also in Europe.
As a matter of fact no consumer of the said product in the country has complained since it was imported in the country and sold out. This indicates that without further test, the product was perfect for consumption.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Trade and Industry is reported to have acknowledged receipt of the test result of the commodity and the locked up store subsequently opened.
A senior official at the Ministry of Trade and Industry has also confirmed to this press that the said rise is good for human consumption based on the satisfactory test results.
According to reliable sources the embarrassment faced by the rice company has to do with the keen competition the company is faced with regarding rice importation in the country.
See test report by RIZLAB Below: