Samura Kamara Ambushed

The popularity of the main opposition all people’s congress party 2018 presidential candidate, Samura Kamara, remains strong.

This is evident from the fact that everywhere he goes, be it in a capacity of a politician, statesman or ordinary citizen, he is accorded rousing receptions by crowds of party members, followers, supporters and sympathizers.

The latest display of Samura Kamara’s undiminished popularity was seen on Monday, 19th October when he went to Cro-Jimmy in the Fourah Bay community in east Freetown to sympathize with the Sesay family for the loss of the mother of Dr Mohamed Gibrill Sesay. From left, right center, a huge crowd immediately surfaced that burst into the APC victory song.

As a politician who cuts across ethnic, regional and political lines, Samura Kamara who grew up in a predominantly Muslim environment, although a Christian (Catholic), has a large Muslim following; witnessed to by the fact that in recent visits to the Bombay Mosque and the Gaddafi Mosque for Juma prayers, he was mobbed by large crowds of fans.

Samura Kamara has supported the construction of mosques in Kamalo, his home town and installed solar lights at the Jamiul Jalil Mosque. He has also sponsored many of his family and community members to perform the hajj in Mecca.

As a philanthropist, Samura Kamara since losing the 2018 presidential elections has been visiting communities across the country making donations to Mosques and community organizations, as well as feeding people.

During the last Ramadan month, he donated over 1, 500 bags of rice, 2000 facemasks, and dozens of buckets for handwashing to Muslim communities, fasting families and the most vulnerable and deprived in the western area. The gesture which was deeply appreciated by the beneficiaries was to help cushion the harsh economic burden people face during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Many note that by his interactions, Samura Kamara epitomizes religious tolerance. A humanitarian who feels deeply for the less privileged in society, everywhere he goes, he encourages his compatriots to be kind and benevolent. At the same time, he calls on all Sierra Leoneans to love one another and to have mercy for the poor.

As a financial guru and a bureaucrat, Samura Kamara started serving the government and people of Sierra Leone from the early 1990s during the days of the NPRC as economic adviser assigned to the Government of Sierra Leone by the World Bank and IMF.

He served in the former President Koroma administration as Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone from 2007 to 2009. He served as Minister of Finance and Economic Development from 2009 to 2013. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation from 2012 to 2017. Before that, he served as Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance during the late Ahmad Tejan Kabbah led SLPP administration.

Samura Kamara is married to Elizabeth Massah Kamara (nee Rogers), an indigene from Pujehun district.