Sack NaCOVERC Workers -Parliament Demands

By Saidu Dumbuya 

The Deputy Speaker who doubles as Chairman of Public Account Committee (PAC) in Parliament, Hon. Segehpoh Solomon Thomas on Tuesday, 2nd February, 2021 stated that the Committee henceforth demands those Government workers who are in the habit of engaging on social media and doing nothing on their jobs be sacked.

According to Speaker Thomas, MDA workers are engaged in social media so much that at the end of the day, they pay little attention on their work and as a result, documents are lying on their desk unattended to. 

He made the disclosure during the public hearing on Auditor General’s COVID-19 report at Committee Room One in Parliament Building, Tower Hill in Freetown.

Hon. Deputy Speaker disclosed that, his Committee has expressed frustration over such development from MDAs, adding that all those that are not performing on their jobs or complying should be weed out completely.

 He said PAC will not be sitting by and tolerate documents not being submitted for audit to the Auditors General, noting that it is the duty of NaCOVERC and other MDAs to provide documents.

He pointed out that if MDAs submit adequate documents to the Audit Service for audit, the institution will not provide scandalous conclusions for MDAs and by extension Government, asserting that because people failed to put papers together, Audit Service will not hesitate to publish their findings and give their recommendations.

The Deputy Speaker revealed that PAC demands administrative actions for those who do different things at NaCOVERC and other MDAs adding that the conduct of these defiant people to comply by the dictates of Audit Service and doing the right thing has embarrassed government very seriously. “The Audit Service report has become a weapon against any sitting government. The officials who are negligence must face serious disciplinary actions,” he said.

“The gullible public is basing the Auditors report around government’s incompetence; we want to see defaulters losing their jobs at NaCOVERC,” he said.

He furthered that Sierra Leoneans need civic education and that people do not know how these MDAs work and urged members of the public not to blame government on Auditors’ Report but those who are busy on social media doing nothing.

In similar vein, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, also blamed MDAs who spend the whole eight hours on social media as well as frowned at those who delay retirement within while given seven (7) days ultimatum for NaCOVERC  to retire all documents as alleged by the Auditors’ Report.