Cabinet ministers are reported to be tossing and turning unsure if their heads would fall under the guillotine when President Bio announces the long awaited cabinet reshuffle very soon.

“It has been done and dusted,” a confidential State House source told this press.

Whilst details of the reshuffle have been kept under tight seal, it is certain, sources intimated, that some prominent high profiled cabinet ministers will return to warming the bench whilst some significant new players will be brought on the pitch to buttress the President’s team in achieving his promise made to the nation that this is the year of delivery.

The reshuffle, source said, would not only affect the Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs) but also the diplomatic service as the President is keen on selling the country abroad in order to attract investors and to promote tourism as major engines for powering economic growth.

As such, with the Coronavirus disease that hit the country at the end of March having impacted the country’s economy adversely, the President deems it fit to do some recalibration of his developmental approach by bringing in much needed vital human resources that will strengthen the weak links in the governance and administrative architecture that would result in greater efficiency and performance.

“We should expect the President to make changes in some key MDAs,” the source said; whilst definitely some people will go and some placed in other positions.

With the President halfway through his five years mandate and with the nation clamoring for development on all fronts, but with the Coronavirus outbreak having brought on added challenges, including inflation which has exacerbated the bread and butter crisis in the country, sources said, the President believes it is time to bring in some fresh legs and new ideas in order for him not to disappoint the people.

Meanwhile, our source maintained that the President remains deeply committed to delivering on his promise of improving on the country’s infrastructure including the Lungi Bridge, building and reconstruction of more roads, bridges, provision of electricity and water to communities across the country; whilst pressing on resiliently with delivery on his flagship free quality education project that he firmly believes will educate, train and prepare a new generation of young people to be better equipped to make meaningful and useful contributions to national development.