NRM Is Not Distracted – Sec. Gen

By Saidu Dumbuya

The Secretary General of the National Reformation Movement (NRM), Osman Bikal Kamara, has said the Movement is not in any way distracted from its avowed mission of democratizing the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party.

In an exclusive telephone conversation with this medium, Mr. Kamara said they will never be distracted by the attitude and behavior of their former PRO, Alfred Minkailu Koroma, who, he said, has tried unsuccessfully to bring division among them.

“This is his strategy to hoodwink people into believing that NRM is divided,” Osman said, adding that Minkailu wants them to do what will directly benefit him and not for the general good of NRM and the party.

“This has been his practice. This is what he did at FBC when he sold a cause his colleagues had labored for, the reason why he was impeached as President of the Students Union,” Osman said.

NRM, Osman Bikal continued, has three plaintiffs in the matter in court against the APC leadership. If Minkailu drops out, he said, they can choose to add another plaintiff or proceed with the matter. NRM, he further maintained, will continue to pursue the matter despite calls made by some party folks for talks. Soon, he said, NRM will make a statement on the current development.