NPSE Results Out

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic that saw the closing of schools across the country since March, the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in partnership with the West African Examinations Council were able to conduct delayed National Primary School Examination (NPSE) for over 150, 000 pupils countrywide, with the number of boys and girls almost equal.

Noticeable about the results which were published last weekend by WAEC is that the top ten performing schools and candidates came from notable private schools in the Western Area. They are as follows:

1 International Limited – 367

2 Providence Elementary school – 366

3 Eva- Houston Pre School – 365

4 Modern Elementary school – 365

5 Tower Hill Kindergarten School – 365 

6 Martine International School – 364

7 Bainel Pre-School – 363

8 Eva Houston Pre-School – 362

9 Camp Academy School – 360

10 Dele Nursery Pre School – 360

Topping the least is a female candidate, Gisele Akibo-Betts aged 11 followed by Aminata Collier aged 12; Zainab Conteh, 11; Joshua Smith 10; Jalloh Dukuray 11; Martha Tejan aged 11; Ayodele Martin 11; Precious Kanu 11; Coomber Koroma 10 and Baimba Tarawallie 11.

In the eastern region, the five best results came from schools in Koidu, (2), Segbwema (2) and Kenema (1)

In the Northern Province, the five best results came from Rotifunk (3), Kambia (1) and Makeni (1)

In the South Province Bo got for (4) and Pujehun (1).

Overall, according to analysis by the Ministry of Education, 761 schools countrywide recorded 100% passes. 300 schools had less than 10% passes. 192 schools had 0% passes. Minister of Basic Education, Dr. David Sengeh said the heads of those schools will be called for consultation with the Ministry with a view to what can be done to change that dismal situation.

Meanwhile, Minister Sengeh thanked all education stakeholders including teachers, parents and school administrators’ whilst encouraging them to aspire to do better in attaining the vision of quality education as well as equal opportunity for all.