Mohamed Kallon To Drag SLFA To Court

Sierra Leonean football legend, Mohamed Kallon has disclosed that he is going to seek legal interpretation of Article 25(3) of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) Constitution in order to ascertain why he was disqualified from the SLFA presidential race.

According to the football legend, the SLFA Constitution which has the supreme authority that guide the country’s procedures on football and the 2021 SLFA election committee are saying different things on his nomination procedure.

“Article 25 (3) of the SLFA Constitution states that a candidate vying for an elective position must have at least one nomination from the association,” Kallon said, adding that two persons from Heroes and Western Urban nominated him but that he heard it through rumours that the electoral committee kicked against Heroes.

The committee, he went on, also rumoured that he was not nominated by his own club.

He stated that there is nowhere in the Constitution which makes it a must that a candidate should be nominated by his club; thereby begging the question as to how many of the current candidates have football clubs.

“There is no explanation as to why three members in the committee rejected me, all what are on the release are that they disagreed; on what, is what I want to know,” the football legend fumed. Mohamed Kallon maintained that the Constitution is supreme and that any deviation from it means an orchestration to manipulate the process, stressing foul play and crook aim at paving way for the re-election of the incumbent.

The Sierra Leonean football legend expressed fear that what happened in 2013 that kept the country out of soccer for 5 years is about to repeat should authorities concerned fail to do the needful.

He reiterated that the incumbent will never go unopposed as they have sought another step to deter any act of undemocratic process.

He further blamed the election Committee for setting up a system which, according to him, has already taken sides with the incumbent; a move which, he said, gives her advantage over others.

Ajay Wonderboy, as he is fondly called, maintained that all what is needed is a level playing field for all candidates to make the process free, fair and transparent.

The present Committee, he added, lacks credibility recalling how it was imposed on them by the former government at the Port Loko Congress.

On his career, the football icon disclosed that he was invited to the national team at the age of 15 after returning home as the highest goal scorer in the Lebanon-League One.

“I returned home to join the Under-17 team – Sierra Stars for a match in Ghana but upon my arrival, Sierra Stars were already in Ghana and I could not join them so I decided to train with the national team which was also training for an encounter with The Gambia.

During the training, I was spotted by the coach due to my performance at the training and fortunately, I made my debut for my country and I became a first team regular.

I later moved to Sweden where I was spotted and got offers from many teams but decided to visit Kaiserslautern in Germany, but on our way we transited in Milan Italy for two days. It was during those two days I went out to train with Inter Milan and after training with them for two days, I got a five year contract with them,” Mohamed Kallon disclosed.

Whilst at Inter Milan, Kallon disclosed that he played for several other teams on loan including Regina where, according to him, he enjoyed most.

In his international career, the football legend further revealed, he played with four world best players including Roberto Baggio-Italy, Fabio Cannavaro-Italy, Rivaldo-Brazil and Ronaldo di lima-Brazil.

He described Ronaldo as the best player he had ever played with.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Kallon disclosed that to have acquired CAF license, UEFA Grade A and B licenses, America Grade A and B licenses, UEFA PRO license which is the biggest in the Region and a Diploma in Sport Administration, his aim and objectives of coming back to be at the helm of affairs in Sierra Leone football is to transform the sector and continue giving back to his country.