Maritime Goes Digital

By Saidu Dumbuya 

The Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration SLMA), Mr. Paul S. Massaquoi has recently launched a new software system that will synchronize both the international and national registry.

Mr. Massaquoi having assessed the poor system that was in place for the registration of vessels had made other strides in rebranding the administration thereby propelling it to other heights.

According to the Executive Director, the major advantage of the new software system, apart from the technological advancement of the registry that it brings, is the complete modification of certain IMSAS findings and compliance with III Code. 

He also stated that the other advantage is that revenues will be protected and properly accounted for through proper reconciliation.

“Revenue mobilization will be taken into high consideration,” he averred. The Executive Director further maintained that the administration will once again bounce back to its former glory. 

He also acknowledged that the software will minimize human error and hasten the whole registration procedure, allowing the staff to focus on new tasks and developments. 

The bureaucracy and paperwork, the SLMA boss went on, will significantly diminish as everything will be submitted and issued electronically; stressing that it is a major development for the administration.