Magistrate Daboh Determined

By Mariama Hamadi

“I will not tolerate any lawyer or litigant that will approach me to discuss about cases in my court behind closed doors,” these were the exact words of the newly appointed Magistrate of Ross Road Court No. 3, Hadiru Daboh when addressing the crowded court yesterday.

He made the above admonishment shortly after instructing his Clerk, Kelfala Barrie that whenever he mentions a matter for hearing, he should ensure that all witnesses connected to that matter go out of the court when the complainant is testifying in the interest of justice and fairness.

Magistrate Daboh said if a witness or witnesses is in court and a matter was mentioned and heard in their presences, he will not be in the position to entertain any of the witness or witnesses on that particular matter.

During yesterday’s hearing, Magistrate Daboh noticed that cases are mentioned by lawyers and the prosecution but that they do not order the witness or witnesses to go out of the court, which according to him, is the normal procedures.

“I am not going to bend anything for anyone in my court,” he stated, adding that people should not be worried about their cases because he is going to hear and rule exactly on what is brought before him with clear evidence.

“I am going to hold the scale on balance… if your case is clear you will get clear result, but if unclear you get the repercussion,” he admonished.

The above admonishment of the brilliant Bench shook the bar and those who were in court for redress, with some making side gossips that Magistrate Daboh is ready to work without favor or sentiment.