Land Vendors Chop Le 130m

By Mariama Hamadi

Lawyer defending one Nathaniel Williams and Albert Williams on a one hundred and thirty million Leones land fraud, Michaela P. George has been advised by the Bench to go and make proper undertaking for his client who has agreed to pay back what was due.

The two accused persons on the above action were arraigned before Magistrate Hadiru Daboh of Ross Road Court No. 3 for Preliminary Investigation on six count charges of obtaining money by false pretences and conspiracy contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

According to the charge sheet, it was alleged on count one that the accused persons sometimes in 2020 conspired with other persons unknown to commit felony.

From counts two to six, it was also alleged by the prosecution that both accused persons obtained the sum of one hundred and thirty million Leones from the complainant, Adama Yillia with the pretext of selling a plots of land to her, knowing same to be false.

As soon as the matter was mentioned yesterday for hearing, Magistrate Daboh enquired from both defence and prosecuting counsel as to what decision they have arrived at concerning the matter.

Responding to the Bench, Prosecuting Counsel, D.B. Stark Esq. said the defence has brought the sum of thirty million Leones as start to commence payment of what was due. He said the family further asked for one month period to refund the balance.

In that light, Counsel defending, MP George produced a document, highlighting the Bench on their position so far.

“After perusing the written undertaken prepared on behalf of the accused Magistrate Daboh who was not satisfied with it asked the defence counsel to go and do the proper thing by putting her client’s document in order. He said failure to go by the undertaking, he will be left with no other option but to continue with the matter.

“My chief concern is not to punish the accused person but to adjudicate for the complainant to get back what is due her,” he stated.

After two hours stand down, Prosecuting Counsel D. B Stark informed the Bench that they have corrected the irregularities in the undertaking.

The accused persons were tentatively granted bail in the sum of one hundred million Leones with two sureties, each in like sum.

Magistrate Hadiru Daboh ordered that the sureties should produce conveyance from the office of the Administrator Registrar General and that the bail should be approved by the Deputy Acting Registrar.

The matter was adjourned to 3rd February, 2021.