Govt Will Continue To Support SLP -Min. Of Internal Affairs

By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

Addressing the one hundred and sixty Sierra Leone Police (SLP) personnel now on deployment in Somalia, past Friday, 4th September 2020  at Police Headquarters on George Street, Freetown, before their departure, the Minister of Internal Affairs, David Panda Noah assured personnel of the force that government will continue to support them in numerous and diverse ways.

He declared that the 160 personnel are mentally and physically fit and were unreservedly certified by the African Union and United Nations Peace Keeping Force. He added that Sierra Leone is reciprocating support to the countries that helped her during the 11 years civil war.

He urged the 160 police officers to conduct and behave them-selves well. “Your conduct and behaviour should be put on check,” he said, adding that it is not yet over because, according to him, they are going to a trouble zone and will be serving a pluralistic community. He assured them of the support of the ‘New Direction’ government of President Bio and behalf of Government wished them a successful mission in Somalia.

In his farewell statement to the 160 Operational Support Division Personnel, the Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Michael Souvula said the 160 personnel will work towards contributing to global peace and that it will be a challenging moment at the warfront, warning that they should not forget learning and training. IG Sovula told them that an ethical approach will make them go and return safely and should take note that they are representing the country, the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and themselves.

The Director of Peacekeeping Mission, AIG Gloria O.V Tarawally said that after 4 months of rigorous training, the 160 personnel should have been deployed in April this year. She disclosed that they started off with 784 personnel but that after physical testing, 475 police remained and that the number was later reduced drastically to a quota of 160.

She said the personnel trained are committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, physically and mentally fit and equipped with adequate training.

She admonished the men and women to make them-selves relevant in contributing to peace. “Be a good team and maintain strong sense of dedication.”

Director of Operational Support Division, Francis M. Tawa advised troop to work as a team, respect human right, be upright among them-selves and become victorious. “Whatever status, do not work alone and you can work with other team from other countries, but be ethical,” he told them.