From Today, Monday 23rd…

No More ‘Okada’

A decision reached at by various stakeholders in the transport sector on Thursday 19th May at the Ministry of Internal Affairs headed by Rtd. Major Alfred Paolo Conteh saw the naming of 18 Streets within the capital as Central Business District where commercial motorbikes (‘okada’) are not allowed to ply.
The meeting ended with a press release to enforce the ban on okadas entering the Central Business District (CBD) with effect from Monday 23rd May.
The release gave extra powers to the police and traffic wardens in the implementation of the ban.
Streets, according to the press release, that form the CBD include, Kissy Road, Fourah Bay Road, Sani Abacha Street, Macauley Street, Krootown Road, Pademba Road, Circular Road, Campbell Street, Benjamin Lane, Adelaide Street, Savage Street, Main Motor Road Congo Cross, Wilkinson Road, Spur Road, Jomo Kenyatta Road, Rokel Street, Macdonal Street and Ferguson Street.
The Minister in a no nonsense mood stressed that the ban unlike others, will this time, work as according to him, there is no turning back.
Meanwhile, the news has been received with mixed feelings among members of the public who have viewed the action of the new minister as good on one hand and bad in another hand.
Some riders have expressed dissatisfaction over the release stating that majority of their passengers are either going to or from the CBD and that they make more money plying the CBD as compared to what they realize in the outskirts.
They pleaded that the ban be limited to the day time when more vehicles are plying the streets and not to be in force at night.