Denis Sandy May Be Dragged To Court

By Mariama Hamadi

The Former Minister of Lands and Country Planning, Dr. Denis Sandy is expected to face criminal charges, anytime soon, for allegedly authorizing his men to demolish a Primary School belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Squire, situated at Mongeba Village,.

According to Madam Squire, she bought four plots of land in 2014 to build Primary and Secondary schools and for which, she said, she was given the necessary documents.

She said few months later, Dr. Sandy wrote a letter informing her that the land she bought was a State Land and she must desist from constructing any structure on it.

Madam Squire further explained that she took the letter to her Lawyer, Elvis Kargbo who advised her to stay calm until the matter is fully pursued.

She said based on the advice she received  from her lawyer, she stopped the construction and filed a civil summon against three defendants including, Momoh Adati Bangura, Abu Sesay the headman of Mongeba village and Kebbie Conteh who were caretakers of the said land for Dr. Sandy.

According to the summon, the accused are before the court for stealing materials meant for building the schools and for maliciously damaging a corrugated iron sheet structure she erected.

The matter was before the then Magistrate Bonnie, now Justice of the High Court but currently before Magistrate Mark Ngegba as the presiding Magistrate.

The matter was to commence last week but the file was nowhere to be found.

In the circumstance, the matter was adjourned until the file is available.