CRITICISM Koroma Talks Tough

By Ayodele Deen Cole
President Ernest Bai Koroma has recently encouraged people to make positive criticism about his government, rather than paint a bad picture on the current development taking place in the country.
He made this call last week, while addressing a cross section of politicians of the All Political Parties Association (APPA). At the meeting the President categorically noted that criticism does not bother him, as he has a mission to accomplish for the people of this country. He added he is quite sure that the public will have to judge him at the end of the day. According to the President, criticism is necessary because it puts someone on his or her toes. “I believe I have a program that I will complete at the end of the day,” he said adding that development is his obligation and that he will make sure the country undergoes the necessary changes in every corner starting from Freetown to Kailahun. He noted that everybody is talking about development and infrastructure, adding that from the look of things he is quite sure that most of the people appreciate him. President Koroma also promised to do all his best for the country, so that his successor will follow his footsteps. He therefore called on all Sierra Leoneans to back him in his current development strides in order to help the future generations. “Nothing will distract me from my good works, as they will speak for themselves even after I leave office. As president, I believe we all should come together for development, as the country is bigger than any individual,” the President maintained.