Birth & Death To Be Decentralized

By Ayodele Deen-Cole

The administration of the Birth and Deaths department is in the process of decentralizing its services across the country to help address the present challenges faced by many Sierra Leoneans who want to renew or acquire birth certificate documents. The decentralization information was publicized by the head of Birth and Deaths, Dr. Kamara while updating the public on some of the activities of the institution.

According to him, the department is one of the core institutions in the national registration sector as it is mandated to collect data and information on new born babies and those who die. He added that the reason for the decentralization is to help ease the constraints people face.

There is only one birth and death office in the country that caters for everyone, including those in the provinces, adding that people in the provinces have to undergo lots of financial and physical constraints when they want such documents.

Dr. Kamara continued that because of the Covid-19 outbreak in the country, they have reduced the number of people served daily to 40. Before now, he said hundreds of people queue at the office early to get the service, which he said is the key reason for the decentralization. He revealed that they are working with the European Union to improve on the service under the supervision of the ministry of health and sanitation.

On other issues, Dr. Kamara continued that they have completed the digitization of all data in Freetown and will soon continue the process in other districts and provinces. He reminded citizens that the cost of renewing the birth certificate is Le 10,000 while new registration is free. He urged citizens to refrain from corrupt practices and follow the process and procedures highlighted in the citizens service charter signed with the ACC.