Bio Angry

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, it is popularly said. When things are not going too well according to plans, people who are very close to His Excellency the President are reportedly scared to approach him these days.

Reports furthered that President Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio has become extremely temperamental over certain things that they said are giving him sleeplessness with regards his administration and management of the State that they said, he is highly displeased with.

“We know the President, when he is angry, though he tries hard to conceal it, we know by the deep furrow on his brow,” a close State House aide told The Exclusive.

“De Pa vex o,” a family source at the Presidential Ledge said flatly.

Enquiries made by The Exclusive revealed that President Bio is bristling with suppressed rage at some of his key appointees who reports reaching him maintain that they are doing absolutely nothing to support and push forward the government’s midterm national development agenda.

“What he heard from his offices on Monday evening is just the smoke,” an aide disclosed. “The President is on the verge of dong a wholesale purge of his administration that should not come as a surprise to anybody.”

 Information about those that are working and not working in his administration stems from the meeting the president held in October 2020 at the Freetown international conference center with civil society organizations where he said, “I am tasking my government to infuse more candor and transparency in government…; adding, “I want to have a frank dialogue about what is working and what is not working.”

Civil Society promised to keep the conversation with government, frank and honest. Certainly, there feedback to the president since that time has influenced the president’s decision making.

Why the president is angry with non-performers in his administration is because he is a responsible leader who sees failing to fulfill his promises to the people as an unacceptable let down of the public trust reposed in him by the electorate.

Therefore, the president’s patience is reported to have run out and now he is ready to give renewed vigor to his administration by bringing in very committed team players who believe in his vision of a better Sierra Leone in the shortest possible time.

It could be therefore recalled that in November 2020, addressing the Second Pan-African virtual Development Conference convened by the Africa Peer Review Mechanism on innovations in Agriculture, Trade and Investment titled: “Creating The Africa We Want, Creating The Sixth Region We Want – Through Agribusiness, Research and Innovation,” President Bio said that problem solving, capacity building, revenue generating is something that he values immensely as an African leader.

He critically said that, as African leaders, they first have to lower the risk profiles of African countries by improving good governance, fighting corruption, fostering national cohesion and peace, and creating an even, fair, predictable and simplified investment landscape.

Thus it was that when he opened the third cabinet retreat in January 2020, which he called the “Year of Delivery”, which unfortunately was capsized by the unexpected global COVID-19 pandemic, President Bio called on his ministers and public servants to focus on service delivery.

With the theme: “Consolidating The Foundation for Service Delivery, President Bio amongst several key good state governance objectives, wanted to be informed on what had been done and what needed to be done further to ensuring that Sierra Leone was progressing as outlined in his government’s manifesto. This is what the president told his ministers and heads of MDAs:

“We are here to develop a smart plan that is outcome and result oriented.  We have the responsibility to deliver this nation,” he reminded his top appointees, adding, “So we have to work together to change the narrative of our country.”

With grumbling here and there from the people that is getting louder by the day that President Bio and his government have to do more in terms of service delivery and economy, it is little wonder that the president has gone banana and has no smiling face these days as he ponders strategies to press his team on toward the goal of enhanced service delivery.

In which light, that is where the President’s anger against non-performers in his administration lies – That he wants his government as a whole to help him work towards establishing a structured and firm bedrock for inclusive and sustainable development predicated on the MNDP whose priorities are moored on Human Capital Development; which includes access to free quality education, quality healthcare and food security.

These development priorities are key to the President’s nation transforming goal because he knows that we can only reduce poverty by creating jobs, lowering import dependency, and enhancing food security by investing heavily in agribusiness.

As such, we can definitely expect more key non-performing players in his team to be relegated to the waiting bench – sooner than later.