38 S/Leoneans Deported

The Sierra Leone Embassy in neigbouring Guinea has reportedly received some 30 Sierra Leoneans who were deported from Mali.

According to sources, they were caught on their way to the Middle East when they ran out of luck.

Mali has been a springboard for most West African youths who are in search of greener postures abroad via the canal. However, with Malian government putting security measures in place recently, it has become extremely difficult if not impossible for them to make such adventure.

Also the high number of death rates of young people in high seas has also attracted the attention of the United Nations. Most Africans have died enroot to Spain and Italy testing local canoes due to a stability and other factors.

During and after the 11 year old war, Sierra Leoneans embarked on a massive legal and illegal overseas trips as many were desperate to exploit greener pastures.

It could be recalled that last year some young and ambitious Sierra Leoneans were duped by a certain individuals who took them on board a fishing vessel with the pretext of taking them to Spain.

The vessel was arrested in Guinea and the Sierra Leoneans on board were apprehended. However the Sierra Leone Embassy in Guinea intervened and secured their release.