Within The CBD… Police Launch ‘Operation Safety’


By Thomas S. Kembay

Officer Commanding (OC) of the Victoria Park Police Post, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Victoria Sesay has launched what is dubbed: ‘Operation Safety’ to be implemented in certain parts of Central Business District (CBO) that are under the jurisdiction of that division.

Speaking on the operation, ASP Sesay explained that it is designed to ensure that peaceful citizens move about and do their normal businesses especially at odd hours.

“We have received several reports and concerns from workers, business people and other peaceful citizens who have been threatened and attacked between 9 and 10pm and 5 and 6am within the CBD especially the Rawdon Street axis where makeshift structure for market purposes exist,” said O.C Sesay, noting further that that particular location has become a hub for commercial sex workers and pick pockets.

The operation, she said, will also target illegal trade of substances within the CBD. All these, she said, is to make sure that people are safe especially during the festive season and going forward. The operation, she continued, will involve all categories of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) including Operational Support Division (OSD), General Duty (GD) and Crime Officers of her post.

ASP Victoria Sesay has an outstanding policing record in curbing crime in areas she has headed before. One of her track-record, it could be recalled, was when she was at Youyi Building Police Post, where she is up to date remembered to have ended the frequent and rampant disappearance of government vehicles and incidence of fire outbreaks at different MDAs using the structure.