With Offensive Weapons… 3 Arrested


By Thomas S. Kembay

The Anti-Robbery Unit attached at the North-East Regional headquarter City of Makeni recently arrested three suspects including one Ibrahim Kamara alias Nani, Lansana Jawara and Mohamed Kargbo. The three were reportedly arrested by a special task force called Crack Squad with offensive weapons such as knives, scissor and razor blade, among other dangerous implements s in their possession.

According to police report, the three suspects who were picked up by the no-nonsense Crack Squad are, according to report, residents of Grancess Street, Off Krootown Road, Freetown.

The report furthered that the three suspects in their statements to police stated that they were in Makeni to attend a funeral and that they deal in scrap metals but could not justify why they were in possession of the said offensive weapons.

“The 1965 Public Order Act makes it an offence to carry such items without legal or lawful authority,” said the Regional Commander, Assistant Inspector General (AIG), Ambrose Michael Sovula noting that in recent times, peaceful and innocent citizens have been attacked by robbers at night using some of those items.

He further disclosed that upon thorough search, observation and reasonable estimation, the three suspects are deemed to be operating a clique group as the same skin tattoos were discovered on all of them.