We Still Remain The Peoples’ Honourables -9 Ex-MPs Insist


By Thomas S. Kembay

The nine (9) Members of Parliament of the Main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) who lost their petition cases at the High Court of Freetown following rulings on the 31st of May, 2019 have responded that their constituents still consider them as their MPs.

According to the MPs, when the news broke out that they have been removed from Parliament, they received uncountable number of phone calls from both their constituents and other sympathizers who gave them words of courage and hope.

“Days after the ruling, we reached out to our people to inform them that we are no longer their representatives in the House of Parliament following the recent court rulings,” said one of the MPs, noting that notwithstanding that, the people still believe in them and consider them as their representatives outside Parliament.

The 31st May High Court ruling, they said, has disenfranchised over hundreds of thousands of votes from the Western Area.

Speaking on the ruling, Hon. Hariatu Ariana Bangura of Constituency 116 explained that she was dragged to court on the same allegation as that of Hon. Osman Timbo and Ahmed Mansaray for not resigning a year before the elections.

Though the petitioner, she said, could not prove the allegations against her, the court went ahead to remove her.

“I was not brought in for malpractices, violence or over voting. My case was that I did not resign my job a year before the election, like Hon. Timbo and Ahmed Mansaray,” said the outgoing MP, noting that the other two were ordered to pay back all monies collected as MPs but that she was not asked to do the same, indicating that there was no evidence against her.