The Secretary General and Vice Chairman and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), Ambassador Alhaji Foday Osman Yansaneh and Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray respectively, have at the party’s emergency meeting summoned in the afternoon of past Tuesday, 21st  May, 2019 at the party headquarters on Old Railway Line, Brookfields, resolved not to participate in the  three-day Bintumani III Conference commencing today.

The APC Secretary General giving a historical background to the long running conflict between APC and SLPP said it goes as far back as to the days of election before independence when APC opposed the idea of Sierra Leone been granted independence by the British without holding elections to determine the will of the majority of the people.


Speaking on the current issue, Ambassador Yansaneh recalled that between 2007 and 2018 when APC ruled the country, Sierra Leone was peaceful but that that has not been the case since the 2018 elections in which he said APC was robbed off the presidency, even though it has majority control of Councils and 68 Members of Parliament.

Ambassador Yansaneh said there is no need for the SLPP government to hold Bintumani III. This, according to him, when former President Kabbah led the country after the 1996 return to democracy elections, he showed that he was in charge of security, peace and reconciliation. During the eleven years of former President Koroma’s rule, he said, there was peace and inclusion in the country because even RUF was given political space by the former President.

“We are saying that when one becomes President, he or she doesn’t need any Bintumani III; take the responsibility as Commander in Chief, as Fountain of Honour, to ‘menteh-menteh’ the people,” Amb. Yansaneh said. Thus, he said, the reason why APC excused itself from the Bintumani III Conference is because, according to him, it is built on a false premise.

The Green Paper also, he said, does not encourage APC to be part of Bintumani III as according to him, in it the Chief Minister said all kinds of ugly things about APC – “Indictment is what they are taking to the conference, with APC invited to hear the indictments.”

Ambassador Yansaneh said no attempt was made by the Political Affairs Ministry to meet with APC to discuss the issue, adding that it was only last Friday when the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) called all political parties that APC were informed. “Take APC out,” Ambassador Yansaneh said. ‘They did not invite us. What are we going to do where we were not invited? We only received ten invitations, if we go there, we go as observers.”

The issue of their participation, he said, was going to be resolved with their people, adding that their MPs had resolved that: ‘We nor dae go’.

He informed that the government’s Green Paper is going to be countered with an APC Red Paper that will outline all the failings of the SLPP government. The APC Secretary General catalogued all the atrocities committed against APC by SLPP, adding that when they met with President Bio on the issue, he too called on the SLPP Chairman and Leader, Dr. Prince Harding to catalogue APC atrocities against SLPP.

APC Vice Chairman and Leader noted that the party is at the crossroads. He said APC has patiently stomached a lot of injustices from SLPP which they only take lying down because of democracy but that their backs are now against the wall. He said, APC are lion-hearted and do not fear anything. “Before now the country was in peace but from the day of voting they (SLPP) started attacking our people,” he lamented.

He narrated the injustices they have suffered at the hands of SLPP since they came to power on the 4th of April, 2018 including the beating of their MPs on the day for the election of the speaker of Parliament last year. He said that it was in remembrance of that day that their MPs walked out on the President at this year’s state opening of parliament. He said the party salutes their MPs for that action. “Let us look at this marriage with SLPP,” he said, asking if you have a stick and a bowl of food in your hand and you call a dog to come and eat. Will it come?

“If someone who has done all kinds of bad things to you, invites you to diner, will you honour that invitation?” the APC Vice Chairman and Leader asked. “We will not go where we are not celebrated,” he insisted.

The APC Vice Chairman and Leader then asked everybody to stand up and show the whole world that they are not going which was followed by the audience exploding into their party victory song: “There is victory for us!!!”