‘We Meet De Gron Dry’ ‘…But Bio Go Soak Am’ SLPP Publicity Secretary Assures


With the people of Sierra Leone generally crying out loud that times are hard – ‘de gron dry’ – with regards the crunching issue of shortage of bread and butter, the National Publicity Secretary of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party and also Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Lahai Lawrence Leema, has reminded the nation that when their government took over power in April 2018, they met hardship and that the economic struggle that they met the country in is still going on.

He stated in Krio that, “We meet de gron dry but Bio go soak am” – meaning, we met the ground dry but Bio will work to wet it.” He repeated the President’s claim that they inherited a battered economy, a divided nation and a country with a bad international image as a place filled with corruption that scared away investors.

He went on to outline the remedial measures that the current government has taken since it took over power to salvage the situation. These measures, he said, include introduction of the Single Treasury Account to block all leakages and wastages of public funds in order to free up much needed financial resources to foster development activities. In order to enable the fight against corruption which deters the nation’s economic progress, Mr. Leema said President Bio appointed a robust and vigilant Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission to clip the wings of corrupt public officials.

He added that the government also inherited a dysfunctional education system, noting that infrastructure was poor and that both learning and teaching materials were unavailable. This, he said, has been remedied with the President’s flagship free, quality education programme that is ongoing in all the fourteen districts. He disclosed that the school buses will arrive very soon whilst he appealed to teachers to remain patient until the economy stabilizes when the government will be able to provide them with better conditions of service.

The SLPP National Publicity Secretary furthered that the Minister of Finance, Mr. Jacob Jusu Saffa has done a lot to regain lost international donor confidence adding that the government now has a lot of donor goodwill and support in the form of grants and not loans. He also stated that the President has restored dignity to the Judiciary with the selection of the finest Chief Justice and Supreme Court and Appeals Court judges.

In the area of infrastructural development, he said, there are a lot of road works going on across the country, especially in the Eastern Province which was underserved by the former government. He however assured Sierra Leoneans that President Bio is a considerate leader and that he has a serious government which has restored investor confidence.

With regards the hardship in the country, the SLPP National Publicity Secretary assured the nation that, “The ground will get wet until it becomes swampy.”