Warrant Of Arrest For Fullah Chief


The whereabouts of the Fullah Chief of Kamakwie in the Sella Limba Chiefdom, Karena District, Unisa Timbo still remain a mystery after he had reportedly obtained a vehicle by false pretence. AFF 555 black

A warrant by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has since been issued for his arrest. According to investigations the Chief had wanted to obtain a loan from the said vehicle owner, Abubakarr Barie but that the latter told him he hadn’t money and that he was in fact contemplating on selling the said vehicle, a black Pathfinder Jeep, with registration number – AAF-555.

According Mr. Barie, Chief Timbo opted to buy the vehicle from him. “We negotiated the price and reached at five thousand United States Dollars (US$5,000) but that since they negotiated the price he never showed up. According to Mr. Barie, the police had, on several occasions, invited him but that he had failed to make himself available, this was confirmed by the investigating police.

According to Chief Timbo, he is no longer interested in the deal.