Victor Foh Spits Fire


Former Vice President in the past All People’s Congress, (APC) led government, Hon. VP Victor Bockarie Foh has expressed venom against his party and its Chairman and Leader.

Speaking on SLBC Radio, ex-VP Foh accused APC of leaving him in the mouth of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) as according to him the party left power with a sealed indictment against him, abandoned.

Declaring his innocence in the 2017 Hajj scandal that is the subject of an ongoing ACC trial, former VP Foh said, he has nothing to do with the scandal, adding that his good friend, former boss who happens to be the current Chairman and Leader of the APC knows the truth about the Hajj-gate scam.

“Ar nor mix pan am penny,” Foh said in Krio, “Ernest knows all about this,” he added. He however denied paying US$60, 000 to ACC in respect of the Hajj-gate case. “Things are unfolding, I paid no US$60,000 to the ACC,” he insisted, adding that he is a Christian and was sorry for revealing all of these as according to him, the allegations against him are what he referred to as “APC politics.”

Asked about whether he believed the GTT Report’s accusation that his government was engaged in massive corruption, Foh said that he will not answer yes or no. On which note, he called for the commission of inquiry to take place. “Let them be brought to the commissions of inquiry,” he said, adding: “I have stayed longer in APC than even Ernest, he must account.”

He furthered that it is his avowed belief that anybody who serves in government should be ready to give account of his stewardship if called upon to do so. “That is what democracy is,” he said, adding, “It goes with transparency and accountability.”

Asked about the objection raised by APC over the non-inclusion of rules of evidence in the inquiry and their call for Permanent Secretaries and other heads to be included in the inquiry,  Foh said APC has a right to do so and even to ask for more. However, he noted that the inquiry is lawful as it went through parliament for approval which, he said, was granted. “We must respect the parliament,” he said. “If APC wants to challenge the inquiry, the courts are there. Law abiding citizens must subject themselves to the law,” he added.

“The government of the day,” Foh said, “did nothing wrong.” “Go to the commission of inquiry; why should you not? Go there. Rules of evidence or not, what are you afraid of that you are hiding?” he asked, adding that if he is invited to the commission, he will be there an hour before his appearance. “I believe we should subject ourselves to the rule of law,” he said.

He accused Chairman and leader of the APC, Ernest Bai Koroma of ungentlemanly conduct for not resigning three months after the election as he told the nation and the world via BBC. According to him, the tension would reduce if Ernest resigns as Chairman and Leader of APC but that as long as he remained in that position, the political tension in the country will remain. “No need for Ernest to wait for the party to go to convention to announce his resignation as Chairman and Leader,” Foh said, adding, “he can do so now as the party has a deputy chairman and leader.”

Secondly, he stated that Ernest should accept that he is no longer President and that Bio is the president. This, he said, Ernest as Chairman and Leader of APC must publicly convey to the membership of his party and the nation – That done, Foh believes that the political tension in the country will reduce.