US$15.3M For Free Education Textbooks


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Chief Executive Officer of Winmat Publishers, Mr. Edward Addo has disclosed that over fifteen million United States Dollars (US$15.3,000,000) will be spent on the printing, shipment and the distribution of textbooks in core subject for the free quality education scheme.

The Winmat Manager of both Ghana and Sierra Leone stated that the core subject textbooks on Mathematics, English Language and General Science are written by Sierra Leonean educationists and tailored to meet the required syllabus of the education system.

Mr. Edward Addo said the textbooks were printed in both India and Malaysia and assured that they will last for a long time, adding that the containers are stocked according to the number of pupils in a particular school.

He urged the government to put more efforts in the education sector as, according to him, that is the bedrock to any country’s development. With textbook available, he said, learning will be easier and simple for every pupil.

He applauded the ECOBANK for supporting his company to supply the textbooks.

Dorris Konteh, the Commercial Manager of CMA CGM Shipping Company said they are expecting a total of eighty containers to arrive at the quay, adding the company is responsible for the handing over of the consignments from the ship to the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE).