University Goes Digital


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Ministry for Higher and Technical Education, Victor A. Sesay has said come next academic year, all students applying for courses at the constituent colleges will have to apply and register online.

Mr. Sesay disclosed that for a very long time now, students have been crying for a digitalized system at the University of Sierra Leone (USL) that comprises, IPAM, FBC and COMAHS.

He said the Ministry has finally decided to digitalize the service, adding that they are addressing the issue to avoid the long queues of students during registration process.

He said with the online application and registration, students and their parents can sit anywhere and apply without going through the rigors of going to the universities or spending hours in queues.

The CTO further stated that there are other internal issues and challenges in the higher learning institutions in the areas of lecturers’ time table, time clashes, verification processes and other related issues.

The digitalized system, he said, is set up by a local indigenous company adding that there are would-be students who are currently testing the service. The system, he furthered is to, among other things, avoid and reduce the human interference in the process.

He further disclosed that with the current system, students would have the opportunity to rectify any error during the process as, according to him, it is not a onetime logging application.

Mr. Sesay said the University will sensitize students on how to use the system adding that the online application system will commence next month.