U.S Embassy Debunks Social Media Report


The United States Embassy in Sierra Leone has responded to rumors doing the rounds on social media that US Peace Corps Volunteers are leaving the country for security reasons.

A message from the Embassy notes that there is no meeting planned by the Embassy and that the rumours are untrue, unfounded and baseless. The Embassy therefore urged US citizens to carry on with their normal duties.

According to the US Embassy, every year a number of Peace Corps Volunteers are unable to complete their full terms of service for a variety of reasons, including illness, difficulty in adjusting, conduct and suitability, homesickness and other reasons. “Numerous volunteers serving in Sierra Leone are leaving service over the coming weeks. We cannot comment on the specific volunteers due to privacy reasons. The U.S. Government has not changed its policy towards Sierra Leone,” the release states.

It furthered that “the Peace Corps commitment to Sierra Leone and its people remains strong.” In fact, the release noted that the Embassy is welcoming the next cohort of sixty volunteers in June, this year. The release stressed that there is no meeting for American citizens at the Embassy and that operations at the U.S. Embassy and Peace Corps Office are business as usual.