Travel Ban Intensified… APC Big Guns Worried


Immediately after the Bio administration Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report was published by the Chairman, Professor Francis, the police leadership issued a public notice proscribing the movement out of the country of all those whose names appeared on the report, accused allegedly of having engaged in questionable financial practices during the rule of the former government.

The police notice stated that anybody whose name is on that least must consult with the office of Attorney General and Minister of Justice for permission to travel out of the country. Reports reaching this press indicate that this order has created a lot of problem for those named.

There are many of them who said they need to travel for various reasons, including medical, visit to families living abroad, business and vacation. The victims report that whilst they have gone through the due process to be granted leave to travel, they have not been approved. Another issue that was raised is that of other people whose names are not on the GTT list but have been embarrassingly refused to travel abroad at the Lungi international airport. This is said to be worrisome.

With regards the statement by the government that a Commission of Inquiry will be held to investigate the allegations of corruption made in the GTT Report. The National Secretary General of the All People’s Congress whose appointees are the target of the GTT report has said that former government officials named in the report that are abroad must return home to defend themselves.

The APC Deputy Publicity Secretary, Robin Faley has said that the party is not against any Commission of Inquiry, as long as it is fair; adding that APC stands for transparency and accountability and have nothing to fear from a transparent Inquiry. Thus, he said, that for those that are accused in the GTT Report, let the law take its course. What is worrisome to APC, he said, is the sinister way and manner that the SLPP government is going about the process, threatening people and maintaining that the accused are guilty before going through trial.