Transition Report… More Names Out Soon


Minister of Information and Communication, Mohamed Rado Swaray has hinted that more names will be called with regards the ongoing investigation into the financial conduct of the former All People’s Congress Government.

The issue which has sharply divided the country along its traditional APC versus SLPP gulf started taking a different dimension when the APC Secretary General at a press conference called at the party’s Old Railway Line headquarters accused the SLPP Governance Transition Team of being bias.

According to him, there is no way SLPP can accuse the APC Government of financial misconduct without naming certain functionaries in the current government that were key role players in the APC regime that they accused of improprieties. For example, he said, over thirty people bought government assets that included known SLPP functionaries but their names are not included in the GTT Report.

With regards the report, President Bio and the cabinet have acceded to all the recommendations made by the GTT as to how to proceed with investigation of its findings.

This includes an immediate forensic audit of the allegations of financial misdeeds in MDAs by the Auditor Service. Additionally, a judge-led Commission of Inquiry has been approved by the President and Cabinet to investigate and prosecute cases. Receiving the GTT Report on Wednesday, the 4th July, 2018, President Bio reiterated his commitment to the fight against corruption, which he described as not only a governance issue but a national security threat.

Alongside this, the new ACC boss has said that files that have to do with previously closed corruption matters, including the NASSIT ferries, Ebola funds, the ‘Hajj-gate’ will be reviewed.