To Sell Local Products… Supermarkets Slammed Ultimatum


Speaking during a local Radio, the Minister of Trade and Industries, Peter Bayoko Conteh disclosed that owners of Supermarkets have been slammed three months ultimatum to start selling goods made in Sierra Leone.

According to the Minister, several engagement and meetings have been made with owners of Supermarkets and that an obligatory mandate agreement that all Supermarkets have shelves where products made in Sierra Leone be displayed have been reached and that it must take effect from the 1st of November, this year.

The Minister continued that, in addition, supermarkets must also start displaying price tags on their products.

“Shelves carrying Sierra Leone products must be located in an open where they can be easily seen upon entering the Supermarket,” said the Minister.

He added that producers and suppliers of local products have also been engaged for them to make sure that they meet the supply demand.

The move, he said, would create competitiveness among local producers and also target quality assurance.

Minister Bayuko Conteh furthered that Supermarket and big business outlets have been cautioned against selling substandard or expired products for which, he said, the health ministry is mandated to enforce compliance against the sales of expired products.

He emphasised that failing to comply with the sales of Sierra Leone products by any Supermarket will be met with the full force of the law.

He concluded by expressing optimism that selling of local products at Supermarkets will help boost the economy.