To Manage Water Resources… US$48M Needed

The Director General of Water Resources Management Agency, Junisa Bangali has disclosed that to properly manage the water resources in the country, about US$48, 254, 780 (Forty-eight million, two hundred and fifty-four thousand, seven hundred and eighty United States Dollars) investment is needed.

Recently speaking at the Ministry of Finance conference room on George Street in Freetown, Mr. Bangali lamented that the Agency, which occupies only a two-room office, has over the years been neglected by the government and therefore, he said, the Agency has very little work to do.

The Director General however assured that with adequate funding and the logistics required implementing its mandate effectively, the Agency can contribute immensely to the management of the country’s water resources and also generate revenue for the country.

He recalled that with an abundance of both surface and underground water, Sierra Leoneans living in towns, villages and the cities had since the 1970s ironically suffered from a severe shortage of clean drinking water, especially during the dry season. Key causes of water shortage are deforestation and housing developments around water catchment areas.

To address the problem of scarcity, the Director General said, the Agency, using up-to-date fact finding methodologies and technologies was set up to identify the main sources of water in the country, and to see how best these can be managed to ensure supply throughout the year in the communities.

He furthered that the Agency also has the mandate to see how agricultural and industrial users utilize water resources prudently and conservatively in order to avoid pollution, among other mandates.