Tense Parliament Today… APC, SLPP Lock Horns


What the mood of the remaining fifty-eight All People’s Congress (APC) Members of Parliament will be today is predictable as Parliament on notice from the Clerk resumes sitting this morning at 10:00a.m.

A heavily aggrieved APC MPs will return to Parliament full of anger and malice towards their Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) counterparts that have succeeded through petition cases at the High Court to have nine APC lawmakers unseated, and the election victory of one cancelled and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) consequently ordered by the court to rerun the election – something the APC leadership from both within and without do not take kindly to.

As with the highly controversial issue of the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament wherein APC MPs walked out en masse, it would be interesting to witness the high energy tension that would fill the Well of Parliament this morning, and whether the APC MPs would be able to restrain themselves and not explode with anger over what their Leader in Parliament, Hon. Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah has called wrongful eviction of ten of their MPs from Parliament.

Hon. Bah in a press conference lamented that the High Court ruling overturns the will of over 500, 000 voters in the Western Area in an election he said was judged by local and international observers and NEC as free and fair.

APC’s Hon. Daniel Koroma deplored what he called the hasty and illegal swearing in of persons who, he said, were not elected by the majority of their constituents to represent them in Parliament.

APC asserted that the learned judges erred in law by declaring the election of the nine evicted APC MPs null and void and acted outside their powers by usurping the powers of the electorate when they declared the runners up winners.

Meanwhile, APC have said they would not recognize the nine sworn in SLPP MPs and have subsequently filed an appeal against the High Court verdicts in the Appeals Court seeking redress.