Teachers Down Tools


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU) is reported to have yesterday 12th December 2018, commenced its proposed strike action for government to look into their conditions of service.

According to the Secretary General of the Union, government must provide accommodation for both junior and senior teachers as it a government policy since the era of former President Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabba (late).

The Secretary General of SLTU said they have been negotiating with the current Government to look into their plight or they their strike actions as planned.

He furthered that teachers receive a meager salary of Le 750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand) which, he said, does not even solve half of their family related problems.

He reiterated that under the then late Tejan Kabba administration, the current Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education, Lawyer Alpha Osman Timbo was the then Secretary General of SLTU assured teachers that each of them must have a room and parlor self-contain to accommodate them and families.