Taking Banking Service To The Unbanked… RCBank Leads


The Rokel Commercial Bank, otherwise referred to as RCBank which was almost at the brink of collapse due to poor management and other factors has dramatically catapulted to an unimaginable height under the astute leadership of its new Managing Director, Dr. Crispin Gilpin.

Having transformed the institution to the true people’s bank it was actually meant to be by bringing in reforms and innovations, the bank has now become the envy of other financial institutions in the country.

The latest product launched by RCBank – ‘Simkorpor’ has been seen as a giant leap forward into digital banking which is  aimed at taking banking services to the un-banked.

Speaking to The Exclusive on the secret behind the dramatic growth of the bank, shortly after the launching of the said product, the Managing Director of the Bank had this to say: “Hard work, diligence and teamwork are the secret behind the success of RCBank.”

Digging to know his background and experience in the banking world, the MD in a confident and calculated mood, disclosed that he has wealth of experience in the banking industry in the areas of research, supervision, fiscal and banking policies, among others and has sat on committees helping to stabilize countries’ economies all over the world in countries like Zimbabwe, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, The Bahamas, The Pacific and The Gambia, among many others.

“Having served other countries for like 17 years, I realized that Sierra Leone is my country and that I have a role to play; share my expertise and push for a new beginning in the banking industry in my country. I think that was the stimulus and that is why I am working hard to make RCBank second to none in Sierra Leone,” Dr. Gilpin said.

Dr. Gilpin furthered that with him at the helm of affairs, he intends to ensure that banking service is modern, efficient, practical, digital, takes advantage of opportunities, mitigate risk, give room for financial inclusion and take banking service to the unbanked. “In effect, I want to change the narrative of local banks in the country by positioning the RCBank to become a top financial institution and the people’s bank,” Dr. Gilpin disclosed.

The dynamic MD went on: “In the 21st century, we live in a highly interconnected global village; wherein availability of financial services across time and space sustains entrepreneurial environments, Yet, in spite of the improved connectivity among people brought about by technological advances in the internet sphere, many people around the global village still lack access to basic banking and financial services.”

This is what he said, he intends to achieve whilst at the RCBank.

Speaking on the recently launched digital product – ‘Simkorpor,’ Dr Gilpin said the bank’s initiative stems from a study by the World Bank and several other renowned institutional research reports disclosing that financial inclusion and related developmental efforts have not thrived particularly in the developing world where about two billion people do not own a bank accounts.

In conclusion, the RCBank MD lavished praises on staff members of the bank whom, he said, are doing a fantastic work, particularly the Business Centre Manager, Mr. Prince Williams, the Public Relations Officer, Branch Managers, among many others whom, he said, are doing exceptionally well in making sure that the bank grows.