Supreme Islamic Council On Non-Violence


By Alhaji Mansaray

National President of the Supreme Islamic Council of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Taha Jalloh recently officially launched the national campaign on peaceful and non-violence national elections at the grounds of the organization’s secretariat in Freetown, recently.

Speaking at the ceremony, Alhaji Taha Jalloh said they are going to spread the message of non-violence nationwide to ensure peaceful national elections on 7th March, 2018. He emphasized the need for the country to be peaceful before, during and after the national election and therefore called on all Sierra Leoneans to adhere to the message of peace at this crucial time.

Delivering a lecture on the theme: “Islam and Security,” Superintendent Alhaji Kelfallah Bangura said for any country to develop, people should be security conscious, adding that security is the responsibility of everyone. He maintained that it was because of security that the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBH) conquered Mecca.  He reiterated that Sierra Leone needs peace and security which he described as the hallmark for development.

Speaking on the topic Islam and development, Sheik Ibrahim Barrie said most people have the mistaking belief that Islam means to only observe the Five Pillars, pointing out that Islam encourages development and peace.

Sheik Hassan Kamara, who spoke on Islam and leadership, said leadership comes from the Almighty Allah and that if you have faith, you do not need to fight or insult any one for leadership.

Giving the background of the Council, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Council, Alhaji Tejan Kamara said it was founded on 24th February, 1972 following an official invitation from the former King of Saudi Arabia, King Fisal.

He disclosed that during discussions in Saudi Arabia with King Fisal, he advised the delegation to form the Council, adding that when they returned to Sierra Leone, the Supreme Islamic Council was formed as the umbrella body for all Islamic organizations in the country which, he said, was enacted in Parliament.

A representative from the Legal Aid Board (LAB), Alhaji Al-Gassimu Sesay assured that there would be no room for perpetrators. He asserted that what cause violence are provocative statements after elections. He noted that if Sierra Leoneans have religious tolerance, they should also combine it with political tolerance.

Haja Mariama Kamara of the Council said they as women have the responsibility to talk to their husbands, brothers and children to kick against violence in the forthcoming national elections.

Representatives of various political parties stressed the need to have peaceful elections, several other speakers made meaningful contributions to the official launch ceremony.