Squatters In Trouble


Plans are reportedly underway to remove all illegal occupants of government quarters across the country soon.

According to the Deputy Minister of Works and Assets, Madam Melrose Kargbo one of their biggest challenge is the residing of illegal occupants in government quarters while many civil servants entitled to quarters are without.

“It is high time they vacated or be evicted. We have so many civil servants suffering to get accommodation whilst people who have no business in the civil service continue to occupy government quarters,” said the Deputy Minister.

She added that the illegal occupants were accommodated in these quarters by some ill-motivated people or some have stayed there after their retirements from the civil service.

The ‘New Direction’ agenda of President Bio, she said, is set to bring sanity into the civil service especially those that have to do with the infrastructure of government and the welfare of the civil servants.

Madam Melrose Kargbo also disclosed that the poor maintenance culture over the years has contributed to the many problems the Ministry is facing today but expressed optimism that these challenges would be surmountable.

The Deputy Minister furthered that people should not perceive the move to recover government quarters as witch-hunt but one that is in the interest of national development and that of the welfare of active civil servants that are by law supposed to be the rightful occupants of those quarters.