Sokobana Society Declares Young Mechanic Wanted


A young mechanic at Chandata village in Marampa Chiefdom, Port Loko District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, Michael Kamara, 21, on 2nd January 2017 absconded from the ‘Sokobana’ secret society bush while he was undergoing the initiation rite of the society regarded as the most sacred male society in that part of the country.

According to report, Michael Kamara, who was working at the Young Generation Garage (YGG) on the Masiaka-Makeni Highway, has been declared wanted by the traditional authorities of the ‘Sokobana’ secret society for not only escaping from the initiation rite but for also carting away some sacred society materials which they referred to as an abomination.

Born on 20th October, 1995, Michael Kamara, who was traditionally known as Raka, was last seen wearing material short and red jacket on the day he absconded from the society bush before the matter was reported to the chiefdom authorities the following day 3rd January, 2017 according to eye-witness accounts. The chiefdom authorities after their initial investigation also reported the matter to the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) for further investigation.

It all started when Michael Kamara’s uncle Mr. Joseph Kamara made arrangements with the authorities of the ‘Sokobana’ secret society for his nephew to be initiated into the society following the death of Michael’s father, who was an authority of the society, as a replacement since he is the only son to the late father. Northern tradition demands that when a member with a position in the society dies, his eldest son should replace him.

Prior to the death of his father, Michael Kamara was relatively comfortable in Chandata village but his uncle who became the head of the Kamara reportedly had no choice when society members decided that his nephew should be initiated into the society as a replacement of his late father.

The late father of Michael Kamara, according to sources in the village, went out of sort after the ‘Sokobana’ society performed in the Northern city of Makeni on the occasion of the visit of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and he died shortly upon his return to Chandata village.

Michael was later reportedly captured by society members after the burial ceremony of his father in December and took him to the society bush for initiation. He consequently absconded from the bush and left with some sacred secret society materials to date.

Meanwhile, search for Michael Kamara by agents of the ‘Sokobana’ secret society and personnel of the SLP continues unabated.


Missing Michael Kamara