SLPP In Search Of US$1M


 By Ayodele Deen Cole

With the 7th March national elections just months away, the North America Branch of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has launched a one million dollar ‘gofundme’ campaign in a bid to ensure that the party secures enough fund to man all the polling stations across the country, among other things.

The ‘gofundme’ campaign was launched by a senior member of the party, Dr. Solomon Gembeh resident of Dallas, Texas, former SLPPNA Party Conference Chairman and also a major SLPP stakeholder in North America.

According to Dr. Solomon Gembeh, the party is running out of time to raise one million United States Dollars, adding that he has therefore decided to launch a robust campaign to support the party, a mistake, he said, they did that cost the party dearly in the 2012 elections. He also noted that the SLPP party has done its homework, and the task at hand now is to protect the gains they have made over the years to ensure it  successfully bounce back to power on the 7th March, 2018. Dr Gembeh also noted that the fund will be used to help the party undertake a massive campaign across the country next month, affing that it is the responsibility of party members to finance party activities. Currently, he said, there are rumours doing the round that the SLPP is financially handicapped to undertake a massive campaign. “That is a big lie,” Dr. Gembeh concluded.