Shankerdas Boosts Salone Police

By Thomas S. Kembay

One of the leading local alcohol distillation companies in the country, G. Shankerdas and Sons will today hand over a newly constructed police post at the Wellington Industrial Estate, East of Freetown, to the Sierra Leone Police (SLP).

According to the head of the company, Dr. Kishor Shankerdas the construction of the post was solely funded by the company as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Peace and security, Dr. Kishor maintained, are what he referred to as “twin concept” in the development of any nation. In this regard, he said, the company decided to contribute to the peace and security of it area of operation as it believes in the economic growth of Sierra Leone which is why, he said, it always honours its corporate social responsibility.

According to the Manager of the Company, Ram Shankerdas, the company’s corporate social responsibilities covers all aspect of community development ranging from providing scholarship to infrastructure.

He therefore called on Sierra Leoneans to patronize with the company by buying its product as part of proceeds generated from it sales is invested back in the country.