Setback For APC


As the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) struggles to escape from the consequences of its disastrous March 29 2018 presidential election loss to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), as well as find a way forward, the Secretary of the 9-man Committee that was set up to look into the causes of the party’s presidential election defeat has condemned the committee’s draft report as falsified.

It could be recalled that with lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth, recriminations and finger pointing taking place after the election, the party’s Chairman and Leader together with the National Advisory Committee (NAC) decided that a forensic investigation of the circumstances surrounding the election defeat be done by the party.

To do this, a 9-man committee was set up that was expected to submit its findings to the party leadership in six weeks’ time.

In that interim period, the APC UK Branch and a group of young radicals calling themselves National Reformation Movement (NRM) launched separate reports of their findings of the circumstances that caused the election defeat.

With the 9-man Committee’s report about to be released, a newly formed group within the party called National Movement for Peace, Respect and Reconciliation (NMPRR) headed by the party’s Western Area Rural District Council chairman, Kasho J. Holland Cole has called for patience and enjoined the membership to continue reposing confidence in the national leaders whilst they examine the 9-man committee’s findings and recommendations before publishing it to the wider membership.

The process of releasing the report however seems to have suffered a setback with the Secretary of the 9-man committee, Dr. Sylvia Blyden publishing a disclaimer that among others observations states:

“I have carefully read the proposed report and I see serious errors, inconsistencies and assumptive conclusions not based on available facts…”

She furthered: “I have already sent an e-mail to Committee members, detailing errors, inconsistencies and non-factual assumptions in the report (which currently lacks cited references).

She cautions that: “The APC made too many grave mistakes over the past two decades. I will not be a party to the impending grievous mistakes of pulling the wool over the eyes of ordinary party members by misrepresenting an impugned report to be a bona fide one.”

The question now is: Without validation by the Secretary of the 9-man committee, will the party leadership accept it and publish it as it is? Or will the party leadership listen to the committee secretary and ask for the report to be revisited; taking into consideration the observations of inconsistencies pointed out by the Secretary?