Sarah Bendu, Husband Arrested


At the past weekend, the Public Relations Unit of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) announced the arrest of the former Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration, Dr. Sarah Bendu and her husband, Fourah College Economics and Accounting tutor, Dr. Dante Bendu.

The ACC announcement published on Friday, 11th January, 2018 detailed that Dr. Sarah Bendu has been under investigation since the 22nd of December, 2018, following alleged massive corruption at SLMA during her brief tenure.

ACC accuses her of directly interfering with its investigations, manipulating witnesses, attempting to mislead ACC through interference, with known witnesses and ACC suspects and other related obstruction actions.

ACC stated that Dr. Sarah Bendu and her husband were arrested to protect the integrity of the investigations against her going forward.

ACC notes that it thrives on the integrity of investigations in the public domain and as such will not tolerate any tampering of witnesses or investigation by any individual under the circumstances.

In the light of the above, ACC says it wishes to reassure the general public of its commitment to protect government property, revenue and resources.