Samura Kamara Speaks


Speaking as the guest of honor past Saturday, 13th April, 2019 at the launching of a Women’s Empowerment Network event in the west end of Freetown, the former All People’s Congress 2018 presidential flagbearer, Dr. Samura Kamara paid glowing tribute to the courage, strength and tenacity of the country’s womenfolk.

“I am honored and privileged to be part of this historic day,” Dr Samura Kamara said, noting that the launch was the fourth women empowerment initiative in the country that he has been part of; with the first which began in the North, the second business women in Freetown, the third women employees of the American Embassy and this in the Western Area. “I doff my heart to you for this bold and determined ambition,” he told the women,” adding, “You are demonstrating your deep sense of dedication to work in crating and promoting the women in the quest to fight inequalities – please accept my sincere gratitude for your loyalty, continued commitment to and faith in the womenfolk.”

In celebrating similar events, Dr. Samura Kamara said he drew attention to the continued marginalization and disempowerment of the womenfolk; the criminal atrocities committed against them as victims of organized sexual violence, abuse, discrimination because of sexual orientation, civil conflict, young girls forced out of school through premature and unwanted pregnancies; as well as women that are victims of political, economic and social crises that they had no part in creating.

However, Dr. Samura Kamara recognized progress made in several arenas and by many women towards self reliance in raising their social, economic and political status as well as improving your living standards, increasing their  legitimacy, voice and representation, thereby enhancing your level of participation in the national governance system.”

“Your capacity may be weak at the moment,” he added, “but undoubtedly, your aims are lofty and ambitious.” He appealed to the men to be generous in ideas, and sponsorship of some of the women’s projects and in outreach events in order to help lift up women politically, economically and socially.

He noted that the Women Empowerment Network is on another women driven opportunity to condemn the continue feminism of unemployment, poverty and inequality. “It is for me a safe and happy plus for your membership to explore creative imagination, to grow your businesses, to develop your leadership and management skills. We put our faith in you to build a better future for our beloved Sierra Leone,” he ended.