Salone Police Warned

The Sierra Leone Police have been urged to maintain neutrality in its investigation in the recent youth demonstration in Kabala in the Koinadugu District and Lower Banta Chiefdom in the Moyamba District that claimed the lives of four people living many seriously injured and properties worth millions of Leones destroyed.

The police are urged to ensure that the report of investigation in the said incidents be credible so that the image of the force would be rebuilt ones again.

The SLP has in recent times received international accolade for its extraordinary performance in international peace keeping missions. However, back home, the force has faced wide criticism for the unprofessional performances of some of its personnel to the point that members of the public have over the years lost confidence in them.

From Bumbuna to Kono to Kabala to Moyamba, the police are bemoaned for not exhibiting professionalism.