Salone Is Divided Says President Bio…


On his first official trip outside the country after his election as President, His Excellency Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio at the end of the Commonwealth Heads of State meeting in London met with, in South London, a cross section of the Sierra Leonean community living in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The family meeting which was organized by His Excellency, the High Commissioner to UK, Eddie Turay Esq. and staff of the Sierra Leone High Commission attracted APC, SLPP, NGC, C4C members and supporters and many apolitical Sierra Leoneans.

Addressing his countrymen and women in a hall that was filled to overflowing, President Bio acknowledged that the country is divided. “The economy is tough, the country is divided,” he said. In which vein, President Bio told his audience that the elections are over, adding that it is now time to put all our differences aside and develop Mama Salone.

“Sierra Leone belongs to all of us,” he said, noting “it is the only country that we have. We should cooperate now to make Sierra Leone a better place.” He thanked all Sierra Leoneans living in UK and Ireland – those who supported him and those who did not – and called on them to work together with him as one nation. “The challenges are tough, he confessed, “but I am tougher than them,” he boasted, amidst laud applause.

He reminded his compatriots that during the election campaign, he pledged that after his rule, Sierra Leone will be a different and a better place. However, this he said depends on every Sierra Leonean, be he or she SLPP, APC, NGC, C4C, etc, to cooperate with him. “Please come and help,” he appealed. “We need a better Sierra Leone for everyone,” he added.

On the divisions in the country, he furthered: “We have only one country; we should try to heal the wounds.” He implored his compatriots and by extension the nation to eschew bad politicians who play tribal and regional cards and to come together to work for social harmony and unity. “It takes your efforts and mine to move Sierra Leone forward,” he said.

President Bio thanked High Commissioner Eddie Turay for bringing the Sierra Leone family together. At which point he chanted: “Or sai! Or wai!” The response was warm and lively. He did the same with “One country! One People!” to an equally warm and lively response and ended with: “Paopa! Salone for betteh!”

President Bio who was en route to the airport for his flight to Qatar ended his message to his compatriots on this note: “Let us forget about politics and work for Mama Salone.”