Sahn Malen Under Siege


With curfew in force from dusk-to-dawn, the presence of armed to the teeth security personnel is felt all over the chiefdom of Sahn Malen in Pujehun District Southern part of Sierra Leone.

According to report from the Chiefdom the presence of armed security personnel and alleged brutality of soldiers have left the villagers with no other alternative but to flee their villages and towns and are now seeking refuge in neighboring Sowa Chiefdom.

Report also states that food, shelter and other essential commodities of life are now serious problem for the displaced villagers.

It could be recalled that on Monday, 21st January, 2018 fighting broke out between security forces and the villagers, mostly youth that resulted to the death of two people and injury of many.

The villages alleged that soldiers acting to protect the Paramount Chief and SOCFIN shot to death the two while the authorities blamed members of secret society.

Some stakeholders and Chief including Chief Alphonso Gbanie have called for the withdrawal of police and military while the Paramount Chief of the Chiefdom, PC Kebbe is yet to comment on the issue.

In a similar development, the mother of the incarcerated sitting Member of Parliament for the Constituency where the Chiefdom is located is reported to have died of heart attack for the arrest and detention of her son, Hon Siaka Musa Sama.