Royal Air Maroc Ends 4-Day Workshop


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Moroccan airline, Royal Air Maroc, otherwise known as RAM has completed a four-day workshop for travel agencies in the country’s capital city of Casablanca.

The Head of the African Commercial Department of Royal Air Maroc, Mr. B. Ahmed said that the purpose of the workshop is to promote and enhance sales and products of two major partners’ airlines to the world and to keep journalists abreast with their latest products.

He continued that Air Maroc is the country’s largest airline that is owned by the government of Morocco and has its headquarters in Casablanca.

Mr. Ahmed explained that the country’s airline is operating a domestic network in Morocco, scheduled international flights to Africa, Asia Europe, North and South America and occasional charter flight that includes Hajj services.

The Manager of Royal AIR Maroc, Sierra Leone, Mr. Nabil Daouda gave a historical background of the company which, he said, adopted its name on 28th June 1057 with the Government of Morocco having a 67.73% stake.