Rotten Chicken ‘Wahala’ -Lebanese Company To Be Banned

Investigation into the importation of rotten chicken into the country from Brazil in a 40ft container by Universal Impex may lead to the withdrawer of its import license from the company, reliable sources reveal.

With Universal Impex keeping tight lips on the much-talked-about rotten chicken imported into the country which has currently posed health hazard to innocent consumers especially in the country’s capital, sources say a comprehensive report has been compiled which will determine the fate of the company.

The sources furthered that the company which is situated at Murray Town is owned by a Lebanese national.

It could be recalled that on Thursday, 21st July some community residents stormed the Bumeh dump site to dig up rotten chicken that was buried by a joint team of the Sierra Leone Police, Masada Waste Management Company and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation officials. The Government has through the Health Ministry engaged the media on the issue declaring the said products from Brazil unfit for consumption.

The Ministry added that 75% of the condemned consignment of chicken dumped was mixed with human and animal faeces, domestic and industrial wastes and therefore urged the public not to consume it.