Ritual Murder… 16 Go Missing


A 19-year-old Mohamed Turay, who disappeared two weeks ago and has not been seen since, is reported to be the sixteenth person that has disappeared in Jaiama Nimikoro Chiefdom, Kono district in recent years.

Like the other victims, Mohamed Turay is suspected to be a victim of either ritual murder or cannibalism.

Mohamed was sent to sell palm oil in a nearby village. Concerned youths who stated that such disappearances have not been properly investigated by the local authorities undertook a search of the farm of a man suspected to be connected with the disappearances.

At his farm, the youths discovered a particular spot where there was an unusually large swarm of flies. The suspect was pounced upon, beaten and dragged to Jaiama.

It took the intervention of the Member of Parliament, Hon. Musa Fofana to appease the enraged youths who burnt down three houses in the town, forcing businesses to close for the whole day.

Local people stated that Jaiama, Bumpeh and Nimikoro are notorious for such disappearances of people without any trace of them being found.

Early this month, it was reported, a coconut seller escaped capture by suspected cannibals.

Indications are that human beings wearing baboon skins are the perpetrators of the acts. One such human baboon is reported to have snatched a mother’s baby from her back and fled into the bush.

With the people apprehensive about these mysterious disappearances, they are calling on Paramount Chief Bona, local authorities and the police to mount a robust investigation that will unearth the people behind these strange disappearances in Jaiama Nimikoro Chiefdom.