Richard Konte Breaks Silence


By Thomas S. Kembay

The former Chief of Staff (COS) at State House, Dr. Richard Konteh has in an interview responded to what he refers to as “fake news” circulating on social media that he was involved in timber trade, part of the negotiation for oil blocks, signed mining contract and awarded contract to President Koroma’s siblings worth billions of United States Dollars.

Putting the records straight, the erstwhile COS explained that he had never partnered with anyone or personally involved in any timber trade.

“My involvement was limited only to my official task as Minister of Trade and later, Chief of Staff,” said Dr. Richard Konte, noting that he had neither sold a log of timber in his entire life nor involved in any negotiation relating to oil blocks and that he was never privy to any kickbacks.

“During my tenure as Minister and Chief of Staff I never signed any mining contract on behalf of the government,” he said, adding that his involvement was only limited to being part of the team that negotiated the NIMINI Mining Agreement up to a point before he transferred the responsibility to the Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources who concluded the process and signed the NIMINI mining Agreement.

He swore that he was not privy to any contract worth billions of dollars that was awarded to President Koroma’s siblings. The allegations heaped on him, he said was a deliberate attempt to deepen the already sour relationship that existed between him and the President, adding that he had since issued a statement debunking all the said allegations.