REVEALED! Over 5000 Ghost Workers


Director General (DG) of the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Mohamed Mabashr Massaquoi has disclosed that the just concluded Biometric registration and update of public and civil servants witnessed the discovery of over 5000 ghost workers.

According to the D.G, prior to the Biometric and update of the public and civil servants, NCRA received a list of 83,655 workers from the Accountant General’s Office but that after the registration process the number dropped down to 77,242 leading to a difference of 5,413 who have been illegally receiving salaries from the Consolidate Revenue Fund, adding that during the process, some people who tried to beat the system were tracked.

“We saw cases where workers who had registered at one centre going again to another centre to be registered and when their information surfaced and they were queried, they vanished into thin air,” said D.G Massaquio.

Salaries that have been going into the pockets of these ghost workers, he said, will now be diverted to other national development projects.

The Biometric registration and update, he said, made provision for the information of workers who are on study leave out of the country to be captured; whilst emphasizing that government will not take it easy with defaulting institutions and individuals.